Battle Pirates Mega Hack – [DISCONTINUED]


Battle Pirates Mega Hack was Discontinued temporarily. 

This Hack used to Contain: 

  • Modded / Hacked SWF file which contains: – Loggers , Error and Checker Bypasses. Which makes this the safest hacked SWF file to Gold Bypass. You can do everything in-game that gold can do that is , instant upgrade buildings, turrets, retrofit and a lot of stuff. The only thing You cannot  do is Produce Ships.

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Requirements for using a modded SWF file for Battle Pirates (if you have any): 





Video Tutorial: (ON HOW TO USE THE SWF)

Swf File Contains: 

  • Anticheat Bypass
  • Gold Hack + Bypass (Works on Old Accounts till level 6 and till level 4 in new accounts)
  • Instant Resources
  • Instant Base Repair
  • Visible Subs
  • Bypass Uranium

For everyone who have been getting “Saving inventory” READ THIS





  1. At this moment, The game is undergoing maintenance and update, Hope you’ll update the file asap. And is it possible to look into possibly hacking hyperion’s modules build, upgrade and equips? Many thanks in advance!

  2. Hello,

    SWF file hack worked great until upgrated a bunch of stuff to level 5…..then it started to freeze up when trying to upgrade further….and when it does upgrade the change does not save (any changes are gone once I go back into the game after).

    Also can someone point me to the trainer link?? I found the SWF link but can’t seem to find the download link for the trainer.


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