Battle Pirates Mega Hack was released and updated on 18 August 2017! (GOLD HACK HAS BEEN PATCHED. Thanks to one of the CT member who is willing to update the SWF file for us, I uploaded the latest SWF used for bp)

This Hack used to Contain: 

  • Modded / Hacked SWF file which contains: – Loggers , Error and Checker Bypasses. Which makes this the safest hacked SWF file to Gold Bypass. You can do everything in-game that gold can do that is , instant upgrade buildings, turrets, retrofit and a lot of stuff. The only thing You cannot  do is Produce Ships.

Note: The CETRAINER was also released since this process was kinda hard to a lot of members. Download the CETRAINER from below. Follow this process ONLY IF you have a modded SWF File

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Requirements for using a modded SWF file for Battle Pirates (if you have any): 





Video Tutorial: (ON HOW TO USE THE SWF)


Swf File Contains: 

  • Anticheat Bypass
  • Gold Hack + Bypass (Works on Old Accounts till level 6 and till level 4 in new accounts)
  • Instant Resources
  • Instant Base Repair
  • Visible Subs
  • Bypass Uranium

For everyone who have been getting “Saving inventory” READ THIS

Download the modded SWF file from below : 


  1. Awesome hack…instant res, turrets build, research, even though instant build works but reverts back after reloading game. keep up the good work mate…

  2. Needs another update for v345.
    Would it be possible to make one for ship building or add the ship building function to this one?
    Or will that cause it to be detectable? Thanks :3

  3. Could you try to make an bypass to have unlimited base parts? Just discovered that you can actually bypass that purchase screen when using the hack if you have the base parts to cover the build time, even when it persists, if you do refresh it, the base parts will be spent an the building will be updated!!, this also can be used to upgrade buildings when you do already have another construction being updated, you can basically let something w/ 15 days long on the queue while you do upgrade the whole base on background xD But ofc, base parts required… Also could you make the max map speed hack and all blueprints hack work again?

  4. Thank you for the file. It is working. Only question i have is. Is there any way to make it work for fleet repair and build. When you try to build or repair get sos message. If not cool i understand but if so that would be great and id par a monthly fee for that

  5. Hey CyberWolf was just going to run this back at you I have seen where some say alot of the Hacks are still working and I seen where many are staking claim to it and a new hack site came out almost like your’s with working hack’s was wondering if we could get Battle Pirate’s back on the list and work in dismantling base parts as well would help so many of us who still play the game let me know thanks

  6. I would like to get this but I am so stupid when it comes to installing these things. Is it easy to do. I did have a hack until they changed everything a while ago. I have fiddler. The guy I got it from was the guy who would use a program to update it every week for me. Do you do that?

  7. hey just wondering can we get a Base parts over ride for BP as long as we have the base parts it could be like a free upgrade without the gold. it would work solely on everything but ship repair and everything ship related. thanks in advance.

  8. Dont work for me…after i done everything…it says “problem has occurred, check your network connection and refresh your browser…. this hack is v302 and game is v321 i think that`s problem…this hack now block internet for the game somehow..

  9. trainer still stuck with chrome even i did the following things u write ur home page about macromed folder flash dll things its still not detect chrome stuck on it can u double check pls?

  10. on the battle pirates hacks, the blueprint work… on the base but not on the hulls… you cannot build any hulls with unowend equips. please help with that! also when will instant build/ship repair be up! thanks so much for your hacks bro!! keep it up! soon will be donating! …hugely!

  11. To bad no more effort into this game especially now that they have increased another Level for OPs and Turrets. Don’t suppose I can at least ask if you can Update the AntiCheat and Map Speed part. lol TY anyhow.

  12. it was just the save that got patched gold still works till u refresh be nice to have all weapons just for a night so u could kill anybody that hit base

  13. Cyberwolf thanks for the awesome exploit that helped us.. now its almost patched but… maybe with the gameroom from facebook we can find a weakspot using CheatEngine or other scripts to bypass their system? I am just asking you maybe there is a way to move on with this project or do a fresh one?

    Thanks in advance!

  14. the only thing that works for this is the Max Map speed. nothing else work’s! so maybe we need to bypass there system completely and take over..

  15. oh wait are we serious here? the trainer main thing isnt working that is Gold Bypass… and you still intend to keep it? and upgrade it? man if its over then… abort this project dude

  16. loaded trainer enabled hacks for gold, clicked on turret building, it finished building but when i refresh the game it goes back to building again. Same with Blueprints.

  17. hey Cyber… there was one question on my mind that when we enable Unlock All BP’s hack, it does enables us to choose in turrets… so the hulls are server sided, so if i have the hull blueprint, and i put the weapon with that Unlock All BP’s hack, will it start building or it will give us a big SOS?

  18. Is there any chance of a instant ship builder soon?, I started to think this was another bs website with all the fake surveys and viruses ect, til i realized what i was doing wrong now my 2nd base is getting up there in lvl lol so new comers this is 100% legit with no surveys thank you….

  19. Hey Cyber…The BP v300 update is acting really wonky bud… hack says everything is enabled…but the bypass uranium and retro’s aren’t working..

  20. $$Cyber$$…. You Rock…Thanx for the BP v300 update…I get paid this friday…I will be making a generous donation for all the great work you do…Very appreciative.. =)

  21. Using fiddler and cetrainer im unable to unlock the blueprints, it is enabled but i dont see them anywhere, can you please help me out and let me know how to use this? BTW i love it in all other terms, wish someday we can get ship build…

  22. Hiya Wolf. i loaded the new trainer and attached it like the other v299 file. When i load game i got freeze white screen. how can i solve this? any idea? thank you oct, 14th friday 14:18 Brazilian time

  23. Hiya Cyberwolf , anti cheat is not working .. keeps on saying failed .. as of friday 14t october @ 12:09pm uk time , is hull repairs working AS i keep getting sos too

  24. hey man… i thought you gave the ‘Unlock all blueprints’ option to enable us to build the blueprints we dont have… but damn, guess that wasnt true… can i ask you why did you gave the ‘Unlock all blueprints’ hack? well, i accept that it gives us the base weapons… but why not hulls?

  25. when u turn bp hack on i jumped 6 levels, from 93 to 99, any way to stop that if i turn on again, also if i do turrets i dont have if someone reports me wont i get banned?

  26. Hi again Cyber,
    Have you had chance to look into Plarium Vikings – war of clans on Phone please?
    Any sort of rss hack or those daft promo codes would be muchly appreciated.

  27. OK next week is the big week to find out if ship repair is only active during raid we will see if dumeye does not update the game if they don’t 50/50 chance i’m right about it being a monthly thing hope i am right 🙂 see you later

  28. now listen this – i enable Unlock all blueprints hack… it says saving inventory… i now go to a friend’s base,,, when my friend’s base is loading… is suddenly says SOS… now this is a new problem 🙁

  29. Please be advised that as of 10/5/2016 the Anti-Cheat and Gold Bypass has failed to Enable in Battle Pirates while everything else Enabled. Because the First one failed to enable I did not resume game play via hack.

  30. Aye cyber bud can u update hack for kix and thanks for all the work u do with this hack very nice. i will donate as soon as i get paid. thanks again

  31. For everyone who have been getting “Saving inventory” on enabling all the hacks – ” once it starts to say saving inventory keep clicking in friends base at bottom then return to your base then it wont do it any more “ ~ Thanks to Julies sharing it with us. You usually get that on enabling the blueprints hack. Plus enabling it will also increase your level in some cases.

    ^^^^thats only work if u connect with facebook so what if connect with kixeye only?There not show friend list on bottom like facebook one so any solution for this?Not everyone playing this game from facebook so we need some help or information either some solution..Many Thanks Best Regards…


      Solution For None Facebook aka Kixeye Users:
      1:when you see “saving inventory pop up” you see its refreshing itselfs try to click to “world map” aka “go to map” icone untill you out base between refreshs.
      2:when you out base “saving inventory pop up” will stuck then click “leaderboard” on top middle menu choose “player medal” in left list then click someone then click “find base” while u moving to their base location “save inventory pop up” will be gone..
      3:then click “go to base” icone top right corner then you able to use hack about blue prints.

      Solution For Facebook Users: <<<<<<From Julies as $$CyberWolf$$ says….
      After Hack Enabled
      1:Click Any Friend Base From Bottom List
      2:Return Your Base

      Solution For None Facebook aka Kixeye Users:
      After Hack Enabled
      1:Click World Map
      2:Click Leaderboard Top Middle Menu Choose Player Medal Left List Click On Any Player In List Click Find Base
      3:Return Your Base

      About Blueprints

      i see many ppl asking about it there is 2 question with blue prints

      Qestions & Answers;

      1:what can i do with them?
      *You can rank them while u dont have them in game then they will be ready when you own them in game
      *You can use them on base things only while you dont own them in game till you own them
      *You able to use blue prints on any "base buildings" and "turrets" with "turret guns" and "turret specials" and "base specials" and "any base buildings armors" while you dont own them in game

      2:why i cant use them?
      *You cant use blueprints included ship things. For Example "ship specials" "ship hulls" "ship guns" which means the reason you cant use blueprint is u try to use ship hull in blue print or ship guns or ship specials so u get S.O.S. page indeed…

      Hope its helpfull some…

  32. hy wolf .just thell me when enabled the trainer.i have lot of screen its update there in blueprints.but i not abble to put that turrets why.i nned to put that turrets.all is good that program but what i not need not enabled there ???

  33. It’s about time I figure this out, lol

    You guys are awesome!!! I been wanting to stick it to these kixdik people for awhile now- sick of them making the game crap to force coin- thank yall so much for letting us stick it to the man!!!

    I got all my turrets upgraded and all the tech i’m using fully retro’d

    Again THANK YOU!!! I donated $50

  34. hi wolf i have problem with retro . i am using trainer not swf so can u make a video with trainer too or give me explain about it..i can only retrofit once and when i try second time its hold saving inventory i refresh game and i see my second attemp on retro is normal retro counting down timer with uses res so i have to reset and lunch every time before i retro any single lvl up is there any easy way or what i do wrong?i am tired to reset hack and lunch again from lvl 1 to 2 and 2 to 3 and 3 to 4 and etc.. etc.. Many Thanks…

  35. hey Cyber m8, normaly i used your swf to play bp and the first time i use ct and……i be 9 lvl up lol hahaha…what now? makes me not stop laughing hahaa, btw thanks !

  36. Hello Wolf, I think the blueprint doesn’t work anymore because when I enabled the Unlock All Blueprint, the Shipyard cannot be clickable. Had the BP patched the game?

  37. I THINK I KNOW WHY WE HAD THE FLEET REPAIR the game wans’t updated when raid started becuase i looked at the game version before raid and before wensday it was the same i think if kixeye wasn’t updating the game we were able to repair our fleets (did anyone notice the version of the game when raid start?)

      • you made a great hack for this game would be nice if you make more hacks for this ship like building ships speed up is unvailable this one would more nice and i also when i unlock bps and i hit to build ship it say SOS please help us to get a working full trainer again and you have to know i like your hard work m8 for free keep it up 🙂

          • so can we have a new working trainer and one more question and between the blueprint hack is still WORKING !! you need only to reset your browser and after game start loding select process and enable first hack and then enable all after the first one completly enabled but i think and its my question actually of cours you will get all blueprints unlocked but ones you build a ship with this unlocked blueprints after you cick to build botton even with resources you get SOS is it because the trainer not working and need update or its not working anymore after the game update 🙂 🙂 🙂

              • so i cant build ships with hacked blueprints ? even if you update your trainer example i was build an fury with conf cguns 82lvl and im still down to this lvl so its because about my low lvl or or something to ships cant be hacked ? because i can equipe my turrets with high hacked blueprints and build instansly using ur trainer but u cant do to ships u get sos so we are surprised for an update to ur trainer 🙂 🙂 😀 ? (y)

              • i’m with cyber here anything ship related is server side this is becuase of the anitcheat the kixeye has so don’t try and be a comms warrior to the owner so you better keep your mouth shut when it comes to ship related

  38. Can someone please tell me how Max Retro and Instant Retro works in this game via the Hack? Right now I just use Uranium Bypass and Gold Bypass to Retrofit thru the RetroLab. TY ahead of time if you know, if not all well. 🙂

    • Max Retro is for maximizing the level of items in Retrofit. Instant Retro is for instantly researching in Retrofit. Good luck!

  39. a hack from DRAGONS OF ATLANTIS please to have many rubies and resources I need to antiban porfa I need resources for that game it costs to get and rubies not get easy and not many people go so they can take advantage ;v

  40. Reparação corte funciona da seguinte forma: (ATIVAR OURO CORTE + DESVIO PARA ESTA) Passo 1: Não bata reparação imediata vez … iniciar a reparação da sua frota Passo 2: bater o botão de acelerar. Passo 3: Bata a velocidade até um max. Passo 4: Profit. (Agradecimentos especiais a Zmcgee para deixar-nos saber o processo e alguns outros membros da CT por apontar que o meu truque funciona para reparação (sim i dint sei que o meu truque funcionou para reparação)).

    Não esta a funcionar desta vez, ou existe outra forma de activalo?

  41. Think they did it again… Today is 09/21/2016 it is 19:27 hours EST and the Anti-Cheat Bypass is reading “failed” on today’s updated Trainer when it was working about 3 to 4 hours ago.

  42. i just redownloaded this program and tried the repair part and it gives you an SOS now when you try it…..i used 2 different browsers cleared the cache and it still is an SOS on it…so i am guessing you cant do it no more now???

  43. First and Foremost I enjoy your Creations (CETrainers). The Map movement and Repair helped alot. Today they had a maintenance and when I tried to use the Trainer the Anti-Cheat (Use First) has failed to Enable but the others Enabled so because you had USE FIRST on the one that failed I closed the Trainer and reset the game. Thinking they patched your Anti-Cheat part.

  44. I’m quite new to this BP trainer. Does anyone know how does the blueprint work? Please tell me if it works for you guys. Thank you

  45. Hello Wolf. How does the Uranium Bypass work in Battle Pirate? I still not figure it out how to use it properly. Can you please tell me how to use it?

  46. Holy Schnikies batman! I didn’t expect to have a little thanks in there. I just tinker with stuff that other people make. XD Thanks for the mention cyberwolf! If I find anything else i’ll let you know! Thanks again!

  47. Hi wolf thanks for the hack but I was just wondering if there is anyway you could make the blueprints unlock permanent and if you know of any working battle pirates ship repair hacks or ship build hacks

  48. wait i found the bp-origin yes but its doing th same thing its done every time i try it with the cetrainer i follow all the steps but when i add the file to the rule then refresh the page its just white where the loading screen should be if you could make an updated video about how to do it or solve the problem it would be greatly appreciated i dont expect to receive a reply straight away because your most likely busy.

  49. When i activate blueprint hack, it says saving inventory, i then press on a friends base to look at it as it says in the tip, but then the game crashes

  50. hello Wolf,i have a problem with unlock bps mode.Never unlocked anything,i m doing everything but still nothing.
    I enable it while loading,all ok but when i look for bps there is nothing new.
    Any suggestion?

  51. are the blueprints permenant when u enable that hack or are they just temp, and does that include the hulls as well and limited BPs?

  52. CyberWolf do you have a link to how to use the CETrainer one. Seem to have problems with your Aug 31 download Retro Part (No Progress) and building from blueprints I did not have before giving me SOS screens about 30 secs. after I construct say a Turret.

  53. In my comment down there i forgot to say that the game was Back Yard Monsters, its also a Kixeye game, wonder if you could do the same hacks as Battle pirates since its from the same developers

  54. Blu print’s not Unlocking and it’s show in Produs ship when i use gold produs it’s geting Error Admin can u help this ?

  55. hey Mr.wolf i wanna make an request
    can u make an hack for pet city
    my sister plays it and i dont like spending money on that stupid game
    so i m asking you for help
    anykind of hack will work
    like buy anything for free antiban and stuff like that

  56. Just got my very first acount back and there was a game that i played back in 2012 (so long xD) and then noticed that its still alive and also its a Kixeye game, can you hack it ? just like this one xDD

  57. HEY! it says Gold hack+bypass failed… i tried downloading the latest hack that was updated on 25th august but still, no change… no doubt about it that kix have updated their game…. sad

  58. All blue print can not open, you can help me that.? Or how to open?
    85 levels, and I still can not explain all the blue prints.

  59. hello,nice job Cyberwolf but i have a problem.I tried cetrainer,enable unlock blueprints but only thing happened was that i went from 43 lvl to 72 lvl and for almost an hour popped a message about updating inventory