Backyard Monsters Ultra Hack


Backyard Monsters Ultra Hack was released and updated on 28 Oct 2017 ! 

Trainer Contains:

  • Instant Building Upgrade
  • Building Upgrade resources Bypass
  • Instant Resources
  • Instant Monster Upgrade
  • Instant Monster Production
  • Instant Monster Unlock
  • Instant Building Construction and Resource Bypass

Steps To Use the Hack:

(if you are using the trainer)

  • Choose your browser and enable the hacks while the game is at 80% loading or more

Note: you will need to have the resources requried to upgrade. If you dont, just use the instant resources and fill your storages ! But don’t worry, it will only deduct 4 twigs / pebbels on upgrading ! 

(For all the other hacks including building upgrade in case you dont like the trainer OR YOU CAN JUST WATCH THE VIDEO TUTORIAL IF YOU DONT LIKE READING)

  • Start you cheat engine and select the correct browser process
  • If your building takes 240,000 twigs / pebbles to upgrade then use the followig formula :

resourcesRequired * 8 + 6

that is ,

240000 * 8 + 6 = 1920006

  • therefor you will have to scan 1920006 under 4 Bytes and change all the results to 14
  • Do the same with time. Lets say your building takes 2 days for upgrade then convert 2 days to seconds which will be 2*24*60*60 = 172800
  • then use the same formula which in this case would ” TimeRequired * 8 + 6” which will be equal to 1382406
  • Scan it under 4 bytes and change all the results to 14

Note: Using this method on smaller values might crash your game and you might have to restart it. This formula works for increasing monster damage , decrease time taken to produce monsters, decreasing time for unlocking monsters, increasing all the stats for monsters, building time bypass, building resources bypass for upgrade and construction, increasing storage capacity. It doesnt work for decreasing shiny / gold. (Still working on it)




Video tutorial :

Download the hack from below : 

(The Hack is Available on CT’s MEGA Trainer. You Will be redirected to the download page of Cyber Terminator’s MEGA Trainer on clicking the download button below.)


  1. hey cyber.. sorry can you explain this .. i would to hack instant heal and repair using formula.. but the time is count down and i couldnt found time to scan.. and if i change speed hack to 0 .. game will be paused and i scan that time using formula.. but i couldnt find the value of scan.. example : 1hrs , = 1x3600x8+6=28806 .. and i scan 28806, and i dont found the value of scan -_-
    #sry for my bad english

  2. Hi cyberwolf, does this work for buildin fortying, monster training too? i was wondering if theres anyway to unlock korath?

  3. Are the instant build, instant monster upgrade, instant monster production, and Instant monster unlock not working anymore?

  4. Any way of instant outpost capture and instant stronghold capture? There was instant outpost and stronghold back in ’12’s i remember

  5. Hey thanks for the trainer and formula! also will you be adding a hack for the champion evolution? if there’s already a way mind sharing it with me?

  6. Is there any way to evolve the monster with shiny? It says 156 shiny but can we change the shiny to 1 via cheat engine? Or can you make a shiny hack please? Or is there any way to decrease its feed time?

  7. I’m loving this trainer man! Thank you so much for this,but i want to figure out how to heal monsters instantly with this hack?Can you please tell me? Once Again,Thanks!