Army Attack


Army Attack hack was released and updated on 1 August 2016 !

Trainer contains: 

  • Disable Enemies: All the enemies are disabled that is they don’t attack you units even if they are right in front of your units
  • High Damage: Kill your enemies in one hit, more over you can destroy barricades, remove things from the map in just one hit when this hack is enabled.
  • Attack Anywhere: Your Units can attack anywhere you ask them to inside the map.
  • Unlock Everything in the shop: This contains Level bypass and mission completion bypass to place buildings / buy units.

Enable the hacks while the game is still loading

Note: Already tried hacking the energy, cash and gold but they were server sided and yet cannot be hacked. If any of the hacks don’t work, let us know by commenting below so that we can update it asap.

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Video tutorial :


    • The hack is within our Mega Trainer. Once you open the Mega Trainer there is a dropdown to choose the game you want to hack. Choose the desired game and that trainer will open. Happy gaming m8! 🙂

  1. “Unlock everything in the shop” no needed for me anymore, coz i found the working and safe AA gold hack, but still great job bro 🙂

  2. Nice bro! Thanks!! Could you make hack to war commander? gold hack upgrade building upgrade turetes in lab and upgrade units please? And unlock units if its possible Thanks!!