Anonymous Launched a Virtual School For Hacking


The hacktivist group called as Anonymous have launched a virtual school in a dark web hidden service that allows you to share your experiences with the implementation and anonymizers cyberattacks. OnionIRC provides a forum to which access can be obtained through the Tor Messenger. The main objective of the hacktivist group  through this new service is to “arm the current and coming generations of internet activists with education.

According to the hacktivist group Anonymous, “Our plan is to provide virtual classrooms where, on a scheduled basis, ‘teachers’ can give lessons on any number of subjects,”. According to the Anonymous, the number of users online is growing every day. “We started very well with a great user base and virtual classes to educate hacking”, reported the hacktivist group Anonymous on Twitter.

As we mentioned earlier that the new chat service dubbed as OnionIRC will be hosted on the Deep Dark Web which means we all can assume Deep Dark Web as the secret underworld area of the internet which will be not accessible through Google as the OnionIRC uses special protocols and through this special protocols, members and users of Deep Web can perform their operations anonymously with enhanced security.

Whatever it was, but the founder and editor of Hackread Waqas Amir checked the new service from the hacktivist group Anonymous. When he went into the chat, he found only 20 members online and there are only 3-4 users who knew something about the break-ins, while others had no idea about this and the instructors were  under  incognito. However, the organizers have tried their best to teach them as comprehensively as possible to attract more users.

The OnionIRC forum is for  every level of users, and if anyone wants to join the OnionIRC forum then the registration of OnionIRC forum can be found on Ghostbin. According to the latest tweet, sessions for users with the initial level of training will be held on Sunday, April 24th.