Safest Long Line Hack for any 8 Ball Game !

In tutorial I am going to show you the most SAFEST long line hack that works for any online 8-ball game out there ! We are going to be using a took named “8 Ball Ruler“.

8 Ball Ruler works on 

  • Pool Live tour
  • 8 Ball Pool
  • Pool live pro
  • 9 Ball pool
  • and so on….


  1. Adobe AIR (if you dont have it installed, the setup will install it automatically)
  2. 8Ball Ruler setup

Installation Steps:

Step 1: Double click on the setup and this screen will pop up. Wait for it to finish.

installing 8ball ruler-1


Step 2: click “continue” to begin the installation. If you dont have ADOBE AIR installed , it will take you the installation screen of Adobe AIR. Once done , 8Ball Ruler will start running !

installing 8ball ruler-2


This is how the 8 ball ruler looks like :                                8ballRuler1


HOW TO USE 8Ball Ruler :

  • Right click on it to re-size the line. Left click to set it.
  • Hit “z” to  increase the size of the circles.
  • Hit “x” to decrease the size of the circles.
  • Hit “e” to clone the current ruler. (This is used to take complex shots. Use right click to re-size it. This part is the advance part of 8 ball ruler and you have to be fast to take the complex shot)
  • Hit “w” to enable borders. (not really that helpful but thought you guys should know 😛 )

If you have any doubts, feel free to leave a comment bellow. Or contact me directly on facebook.

Tips to follow : 

  • Make sure your cursor (or mouse pointer) is not inside the 8ball ruler or else it will disable you from making any move.

Click on the table whenever you’re done resizing the line to make a move.

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screen-8ball ruler

Video Demonstration:

Download it from here – 

Download Button


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