8 Ball Pool Temp Cue Hack


8 Ball Pool Temp Cue Hack was released and updated on 16th July 2016 ! 


  • Cheat Engine 6.5
  • Skull Cue (buy if you don’t owe one)
  • Cheat Strings (Click the download button to download them)

Steps to follow :

(Optional if you are using any other hack too)

  • Enable the ban protection using Charles. You can watch the video tutorial for it here –



  • Open your cheat engine and change the value type to “String”
  • Select the standard cue
  • First Scan “QFP0SKUL
  • Go to cues section , select the cue you want. Beside the selected cue there’s something written in double quotes. Search that caption inside the Cheat Strings text file.
  • For Instance , lets say you want to change your Skull Cue to Gold Cue. The caption for it is  “Solid gold”, search that inside the Cheat List.
  • So you will be changing QFP0SKUL to QFP9GOLD
  • Go to owned section of the cues section and click “select ” beside the Skull cue. You will see the caption changing to “Solid Cue” and name changing to “Gold Cue”. The appearance of the cue changes in game.


Video Tutorial : 

Download the Cheat Text File from here : 

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