8 Ball pool Long Line + Ban Protection was released, updated and tested on on 12 May 2017 ! (Gameroom support added)

Trainer Contains : 

  • Long Line + Antiban for Long Line
  • Guidelines In ALL ROOMS (NEW)
  • Charles
  • Ban Protection

Read the instructions document provided inside the rar file for step by step process of setting up charles Or You can watch the follow video tutorial which contains everything.

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Video Tutorial (Contains the process of Setting up charles + Ban protection and Long Line ): 


Note: Use the long line and Guideline hack along with ban protection. I have been playing using this hack since a few days now. I have not been banned yet. I haven’t tested this hack in larger tables / in tournaments. If something is not working please let me know by commenting below so that i can fix it asap.



Points to keep in mind before using the long line / Guideline hack :

  • Make sure you blacklist the required URL after the game has been loaded (i.e., after that “M” logo goes away)
  • Make sure that you blacklist the URL before enabling the Long Line Hack
  • Sometimes even if you win a match, your coins might decrease / might not increase. Its nothing , you can still keep playing. You will get the amount when you refresh the game.
  • If it asks you “to buy X number of coins for N number of cash” then go ahead and buy it. YOUR CASH WONT BE DEDUCTED

Download The Charles for ban protection from here : 

Download Button

Download the hack from below : 

(The Hack is Available on CT’s MEGA Trainer. You Will be redirected to the download page of Cyber Terminator’s MEGA Trainer on clicking the download button below.)


  1. Whenever I`m trying to run the CTUT, It shows as error message as:
    Could not load type
    `System.Runtime.CompilerServices.Async.VoicMethodBuilder` from assembly `mscorlib`, Version=,Culture=neutral,
    PublickKey Token=b77a5c561934e089

    Please solve my issue.

  2. can this work on bluestacks.. im asking cuz i would like to play full screen..just think seeing all the ads on facebook and other websites flashing is annoying..so bluestacks would be great!

  3. When ever i select Firefox for playing 8 ball pool. it pop-up a window called “i don’t think firefox is running”.
    but works in chrome. please help to fix this error.

  4. I really need help here. Since I’m using the facebook 8 ball pool. Can I still use this? If yes what is the url to be searched for? Since I can’t see the same url.

  5. for ban protection i m using charles as your recommended but i have a question:when should i take the adress to blacklist? while loading the game or after the game loaded?i m asking becouse when i try to mark the adress blacklist while the game is loading it gives error

  6. hey cyber terminators ………
    my long line hack is working just fine and its a great work done from u guys……..KEEP IT UP!
    But i have a problem and that is, that my all room guideline hack is not working…..it says it is enabled but it does not show the guideline in no guideline rooms……plzz fix it
    after the game restarts……it says that failed….hack enable is failed……please fix it…..it would be great honour

  7. can you help me when i enable the ssl proxing the lock icon turn to blue but when i refresh the the browser the 8 ball pool says we have trouble in connecting your account i refresh it many times and it is always error but when i desable the ssl proxing it will load but the icon in the charles return to lock icon what should i do i use mozilla browser

  8. hello boss I have use and follow everything your guide but I got problem I have install cheatengin 6.6 but when I open it I got screen message pay 1000$ then you have use for 1 year and more after it open but its said failed see here the following image I upload it


    and I open also your tool install and do follow but I can’t find your like trainer pink color hope you understand see this image below I errow show

    please if you send to me this trainer thank full I install cheatengin what I got I show you I reinstall windows also still got problem waiting

  9. anyone has been banned for using this longline trick? and any other “charles” alternatives for android? i only need that kind of tool man

    • Having issues with selecting chrome can follow this process –

      -Go to C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash

      -Delete the dlls pepflashplayer64_24_0_0_186 or pepflashplayer32_24_0_0_194 or pepflashplayer32_24_0_0_186 or pepflashplayer64_24_0_0_194 (If you see any of these names, then delete them or just move to a different folder)

  10. it works 1000% this hack is undetectable.. great work md arslan , chase nelson <3 ……. i will surely know that you guys update this hack for further updates

  11. please help : How can i use the hack in Gameroom ???? ( i couldnt find the gameroom where i choose in the browser , there is only Firefox , chrome , Maxthon , internet explorer )

  12. I can connect my IPhone to my laptop and can connect Charles my to 8 ball game which monitored through Charles. Can you tell me which site should I blacklist for anti ban ? I used Gameplayer for unlimited guideline and it works. but I got final warning for ban. there is no amf.miniclip.us site on Charles. is there any other site to black list?

  13. Please is there any update For long line hack In 8ball pool , because everytime i try enable them they keep saying the hack finished , is there any update sooner of this ??? thanks

  14. Regarding the new updateon 6 December(Today) I think you uploaded the wrong hack file, it only has long guideline but not for all rooms. Can you please upload the full one, thank you.

  15. You are my HERO! Love Your website and hacks! But would like to ask You a simple question?… Could You please do one hack for us for 8 pool live pro – something like auto – win? Two hours ago i was playing with someone he did not even pocketed all balls and won suddenly?? Is that even possible??? Thank You. I will stay tuned.:D love and peace ♥♥♥

  16. Your latest multi trainer not working of Guide line in all rooms, it reply me failed but spin and 1st working are correctly but 3rd isnot working please give any solution for it ?

  17. When the game is finish loading and the “M” logo is gone ,i open charles>tools>blacklist>import.. i tried finding the black_list.xml file in charles_banprotection folder and the file is not there.. i follow all your steps correctly. plz help me

  18. After we open the charles ban protection file for 8ball in RAR app. Which file is the one with the ban that we are supposed to install/download? As there are many files once its open in the RAR program.

  19. Hi, Good day,
    I want to ask that Do you have any hack of 8 ball pool cash or coins please?? I am in need of 8 ball pool coins and cash both. Please guide. Thanks in advance

  20. Why is it i can never hit the black ball to win the game when i use this hack? the game doesn’t let me hit the black ball.

  21. When I buy coins using cash, My cashes are not being deducted immediately but after some times(Most of the time after playing a match, sometimes after reloading the game) my cashes got deducted.

    How can I fix this issue ??

  22. I dont have the URL in the list as you do… I’ve tried it many times and did everything excatly like you did.

    How can I find the same process/URL you have??

  23. got the warning,,,before i cud blacklist.

    after logging in account immediately the warning screen came up..

    this one also failed bro…

      • i have made a new ac,now lets see..

        wanted to ask..when i refresh the page to see my coins increased..then do i have to shut the charles..because miniclip doesnt load ..once charles shut, then it loads..
        but after that if you put the charles ON…the black list still tick stil exist…i hope i wont get banned,…
        can you please explain the step…for refresh..to see the coins increase..

    • the game has been updated i was using this hack from months but now when i see the “m” logo i select long line and click on enable selected after 2-3 seconds it shows the failed error please fix this.

      • The hack is still working dude all I do is load the game, quickly open the trainer and select firefox, and when I see the orange screen I enable the line, always works. Don’t know what ur problem is.

  24. Greetings,

    Please can you show us a trick how to get Cash or coins? Easy win if possible? Your reply will be most appreciated.

    Kind Regards,

  25. got an error when tried Help / SSL proxying / install Charles root certificates…..ERROR coudnt find certificate file..
    this is the eror i get….now what next

  26. friend help me please I am not managing to put the anti ban because the video did not give it to clearly see the codes help me thank you !!!

  27. Please please please make a trainer for TankiOnline.. PLease make a trainer for Tanki Online I’m waiting for so long…

  28. I got everything in charles working nut whenever i tried to enable the long line in trainer it always failed.
    what did i miss? please help me

    • You might selecting the wrong process. I just tested it , it works fine. If you are using firefox then make sure you select “firefox” but not “firefox(unity game))

  29. Everything in the charles is not a blue globe, it’s all a lock. Why is it? Is there something i miss?

  30. Hello Cyberwolfs! Well i have a pretty bad news for you guys.. I have been using this for 4 days and actually 4 days before i didn’t saw the Anti-ban option and kept on playing.. bUT I WAS TOO GREEDY and got my coins seized and they let out an alert that i will get blocked if I Use it further more.. I had over 8k coins made without trainer and 10k made wit trainer.. After i just won a 5k match I saw a message saying that it was a warning and they seized my coins.. But i didn’t stop my use and did it in my alternative account.. So far so good like 33 matches over still nothing.. But today June 7th about 10:00 Night , Dubai Time it stopped working and it cost me alot of coins… It just wouldnt enable it keep on saying failed failed failed. Please help and develop a new Trainer for your fans. Thank You!

  31. Hi Cyberwolf, can you make a trainer for dead frontier. Codes are spreading but the codes also send secret packets to the server and will be the cause of you getting banned. So if you somehow can make a trainer and also anti ban, please make it. Heres the link “http://deadfrontier.com/”. And also the game has stand alone client. Thanks again 😀