8 Ball Pool Hack


8 Ball pool hack was released and updated on 4th May 2016 ! GAME LINK

Long Line is now not safe. Use on your own risk

The trainer contains : 

  • Long line (UPDATED ——–> Click on the download buttong for a newer version of it)
  • Anti Ban for long line
  • Spin power hack
  • Guidelines in all rooms !
  • AutoWin (Removed )

This hack works for both MiniClip and Facebook. Tips to remember while using AutoWin :

  • If you get the first move , hit the cute ball slowly (Watch the video below)
  • If you dont get the first move , dont even move your mouse. That means, dont hit cue ball or pot any other ball.


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Video Tutorial for other hacks- 


Download it for cheat engine 6.5 from here – 




  1. Now it is working again.
    I had to clear browser history, [I do this all the time anyway] close Chrome, close the Mega Trainer, use CCleaner.
    I then started the Mega Trainer again, re-opened Chrome, started 8BP and waited for it to load to start screen.
    Choose 8BP, Chrome, Tick all and Enable and it worked fine. And this is still using medium blocking setup in Ublock Origin.

    • The hack was made for Flash version of the game and the game link you play on is JS hence the hack wont work. If you click the game link provided, it will redirect you to the flash version of the game.

  2. hey,CT`S anything new with longline+anti????there are many guys with hack,so when can WE SEE UR WORK!CHEERS MATE–u are in alot of games!!!nice work!,,i`m only asking=waiting!!